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Fun Stuff / Friday, February 1st, 2019

Last week I posted on Instagram cards I received from members of the British Royal Family. I was amazed at the comments and interest. Here I thought I was the only one that was a major royal fan.


Ever since I was a pre-teen and Charles and Diana mania took over the world, I’ve had a keen interest in the Royal Family. I’ve been blessed enough to travel to London and throughout parts of England 4 times and always wanted to bump into a member of this family. But no such luck. The next best thing? Send them correspondence 


On to my purpose of this entry, how to go about writing to the British Royal Family. (Well to the ones I’ve written to). Here we go….

I’ve written to 5 members in the last few months and received 3 responses thus far. Depending on the popularity and season it can sometimes take longer than others. The quickest response I received was from Princess Eugenie. The longest , well I can’t say because still waiting.

You can write them at any time. But if you choose a birthday, anniversary, holiday (you get it, something big) you are more apt to get a picture card in the mail as opposed to a typed out letter.

I sent a congratulations to Princess Eugenie when she got married. Received a reply in 3 weeks. (That’s very good from across the pond).

I sent a congratulations on your upcoming arrival to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Still waiting.

And to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall AND The Queen /Prince Phillip, I sent Christmas/Happy New Year cards. Still waiting on a reply from The Queen/Prince Phillip’s offices.

To write the Queen and /or Prince Phillip:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA  United Kingdom

The Duke of Edinburgh
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Prince Charles / Camilla

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA United Kingdom

Prince William and Princess Catherine

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA   (this is where their offices are and the response may come from Kensington Palace, mine did)

Prince Harry/ Meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA United Kingdom

Princess Eugenie/ Jack

HRH Princess Eugenie & Mr. Jack Brooksbank

Duke of York’s Office
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

For more address info you can always google ‘How to write to the royal family of England.’

When writing be sure to keep it short and sweet, like this:

Dear Your Royal Highness,

I take this opportunity to humbly wish you a Happy Birthday.

I think it is wonderful what you and the other Royals are doing so far as bringing mental health awareness to the front line.

Most Sincerely,

Jane Doe

125 Main Street

Anytown USA, Any state 12345



This is an example of wishing Catherine (Kate Middleton) Happy Birthday, figured I would provide an example   Be sure you include a return address.

I have read that the Queen is actually shown all her correspondence.  She doesn’t reply but she sees it.  That’s really cool.

Lastly- if you want a response be sure to not include anything political in nature.

Got it all ? Hope so! If not ask a question below or you can always email me at napleslocaldiva@gmail.com

Well- that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this post and it has provided you a little more information. Have a great rest of the week and until next time.



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  1. Ms. Napleslocaldiva, this is so cool. I wasn’t even aware this type of correspondence existed, and for them to actually reply back, such courtesy! Makes us realize how very real they are, so royal yet so human. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing such lovely information!

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