My Fav Hair Salon in Naples

Health/Beauty/Travel, Naples / Monday, February 11th, 2019

Hi Ya’ll. Tonight I’m talking about something important. Our hair 


️ I know for me how my hair turns out can make or break what mood I’m in….so Today, I’m going to write about my Fav hair salon in Naples.
I found this location on accident. You’d think growing up here I’d have the where to get my hair done thing figured out. Think again. As I’ve mentioned, I moved away for many years. So when I returned 7 years ago, of course a hair salon was up there with what dentist and doctor to go to 



I had been going to a place in Bonita Springs (next town up from Naples) but I won’t mention the name and actually No longer in business. After visiting no name salon I had DAMAGED /bad hair color hair! So, here I am fried hair and I happened to walk by this shopping center one day and noticed Michael Thomas Hair Design. WAIT! I thought I’ve seen this name before …let me stop in and see what they are like. I was not disappointed.
The group at Michael Thomas treated me like family , not a customer and everyone in there had good hair :). I figured I’d give them a try.
I started with their blow dry club. At the time $99 for 4 blow outs. It is now $119 for 4. Remember I started going there 6+ years ago…

On my initial visit, I was paired with Phoebe! She was new talent at the time.
Let me explain, Michael Thomas has different levels. New Talent to Master. Along the way the price points change based on level.

Phoebe was and is an angel. She truly cares about her clients. And she’s good! Not good GREAT!
She originally(6 years ago) convinced me to let her do my hair beyond the blow out. I figured I had nothing to lose! I am happy to report – I now have much healthier hair. Maybe the healthiest it has been since childhood.
What services, you may wonder has she done on my hair. Let’s see- special conditioning treatments (they call them Chem Shots. By Redken). Hair cuts, color, and blow outs. Highlights, balayage , keratin (currently no keratin in my hair), and most recently and I am SOLD on Ph Bonder. I also purchase my hair products there. They carry Redken and Pureology. 

Phoebe isn’t the only one at Michael Thomas of course. There is a full staff at all levels. And of course Michael and his wife Denise. Their son Otto also works there. A family business. Thus they treat anyone who walks through their doors for service like family.

I am not paid for this opinion, this is me giving my honest opinion of what I think the BEST hair salon is in the Naples area.

I told Phoebe when I saw her today that I was going to blog about Michael Thomas Hair Design and she was nice enough to provide me with a 20% discount for ya’ll. All you have to do is screen shot the picture below and call and make an appt with Phoebe. If you do this- I’d love if you’d leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of your visit 


Here is the link for MT

By clicking you can browse services, etc. They have 2 locations in Naples. Phoebe is at the Pine Ridge /Airport location.

Until next time 



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