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Last month (end of January) I took a girl’s trip to St Augustine, FL.  I have been to St Augustine a couple of time growing up but hadn’t been back since 1991. So, it was basically all new to me again.  I fell in love with St Augustine (not enough to move there, lol, but enough to not wait so long to return).

I’m sure you are all aware, but in case you are not, St Augustine is the oldest city in The Unites States. What I liked about St Augustine was all the history and the fact that it has NOLA (New Orleans, French quarter) feel about it.  Loved that! It’s the perfect road trip for us Floridians J.

I plan to do a blog on all the things there are to see and where to eat, but this one is about where we stayed.  We stayed at an Airbnb.  This adorable 3 bedroom/2bath house is located 1 mile or less from all the shopping and attractions.  I didn’t book the lodging, my friend (whom we call “the finder) did.  She said when searching to be near attractions everything nearby was 2.5 stars, maybe 3. Which is fine for a weekend Disney trip or if not going to be in the room much. But, this was a girl’s trip we wanted at least 4 stars.  She decided to check the Airbnb site and 14 Mulberry Street kept popping up and had great reviews (also within our budget).  The best part of renting a house is being able to save on food.  This house comes fully furnished (including the kitchen).  So, we stopped off at Publix before going to the house and bought stuff for breakfast, a couple of snacks and of course some wine.

When we got to the house we could not be more pleased!!! I had never stayed at an Airbnb, so I was leery to say the least, but, this house.  SO much charm and ultra clean (I’m OCD about cleanliness, so had my cleaning supplies just in case, lol). As I said, it is located on Mulberry Street, which means, right near everything touristy (The Jail, The fountain of Youth, The Old School house, Flagler College, and so much more).

The house is as I mentioned is 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths and roomy enough for 3 to 4 people to stay comfortably. Not being cooped up in a hotel room was nice too.  The only down fall to Airbnb is there is no daily maid services.  But that was fine as all of us are neat freaks, so we had no problem picking up after ourselves and making the bed each day.  Loved being able to take a break in the living room and enjoy a glass of wine and watch some of the NFL playoffs in the comfort of a living room.

Did I mention, everything was 1 mile or less and walking distance. The couple of times we did Uber (it was in the 30’s at night – that is COLD for us Floridians), the Uber cost was $10 or less.

Speaking of cost, $591.40 for 3 nights.  When divided by three, that is $197.13 each.  Not bad at all in my opinion for 3 days and nights (we each had our own room).  Wi-Fi is included in this cost as are taxes and cleaning fee (for after we checked out)

Below I will list Stephen’s info, if you are ever in need of lodging in St Augustine, look him up – you won’t be sorry.  I can’t say enough nice things about the house or Stephen (as I’m sure you may have realized already).

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of information.  Thanks for stopping by.



Downtown Cottage – St Augustine link

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