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Health/Beauty/Travel / Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Hi there!  I hope everyone has adjusted to the time change.  Personally, I love the extra hour of daylight, but losing an hour of sleep, not so much. 


Anyway- my post today is not about sleep (or lack of) it is about my favorite vitamins.  Best part (aside from the results I have experienced) is it is S Florida based .

Rico-Perez Vitamins

As I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, this Miami, FL based vitamin company uses only natural ingredients in their produtcs.  Did I mention it is and has been family owned since it’s inception over 25 years ago.  

They have a range of products for whatever ailes you or you wish to work on.  I have tried the folowing: Rico Altera, Cirvu-Vite, Colustrum, and Turmerico.  The Rico Alerta and Circu-Vite are my absolute favorites!

Rico Altera – My family has a history of Dementia and Alzheimer’s, not to mention I sometimes can be a little ADD.  When I heard about this product I was all ears.   It’s not by any means a cure all, but I can tell you it does help me.  I first tried this 5 years ago, and about 3 years ago I thought – eh it’s not helping I will quit taking it.  Low an behold, a couple of weeks later I noticed I was more forgetful and not as able to concentrate.  I decided to give it another try and within a week I gradually was getting back to normal.  Again- I am not Einstein and I can’t remember everything, only stating this product helps me and I love it!

Circu-Vite – Again bad circulation is a family trait.  This product helps with circulation.  I used to get numbness in my legs or tingling, so much so I couldn’t sleep at night.   Once I began taking Circu-Vite , I couldn’t believe how much it helped.  And continues too, I can go days, weeks, sometimes months without the numbness/tingling.  (I should add, I do exercise, so it’s not from lack of exercise that this occurs).


Rico-Perez is mail order, which is great, you can live anywhere in the US and order product.  They run promos too .  Right now all products are 10% off!  Shipping is in the free at $75 (for the 48 continuous states).  And if you spend $100 you get a free bottle of Colostrum ($18 value).

Click the link below to shop and learn more about this great company.

If you do give Rico-Perez a try, shoot me an email and let me know what you think. 



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