Travel Cubes – How did I Survive Without…

Health/Beauty/Travel / Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

So, I started thinking, I have traveled a lot over the years and have picked up a tip or two, why not share.

I love to travel and wish I had known about travel cubes much much sooner.  I learned about them last year.

Last April I was on a girl’s trip to Key West.  4 of us took the Key West Ferry (I’ll save all that for another entry, lol) and 2 people flew in.  One of my friends that flew in had everything she needed for the 4-day trip in a carry on similar to the one in the picture below.

Whaaat??  How is that even possible? I said to her.  As she unpacked, out came 3 travel cubes…she unzipped one and I couldn’t believe the amount of clothes that fit in ONE cube. I was sold!  As soon as I got back home I ordered a set and have been using ever since.

Now, when I pack, I am organized…I can pack each cube, by day/outfit or by article of clothing.  No matter how I pack, I now can take along so much more…not sure that’s a good thing, lol.

Here is the link for the cubes my friend got as well as the ones I bought.  I bought less expensive ones because I wasn’t convinced.  I like mine, but now wish I had just spend a few more dollars for the ones she owns.

My Friend’s cubes


My travel cubes

I’m also including a link for some travel cubes my cousin’s company, LP Original sells.  They aren’t as sturdy, as they are made to store the blankets she designs/sells.    But it’s a good way to get a feel for using cubes if you aren’t ready for the complete set.  I use my LP Original cubes as “extras” if needed.

Before closing, I do want to add, I am not getting any commission or kick back for this. This is me sharing with all of you one of my fav travel hacks. 🙂

Hope you enjoy and found helpful.



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6 Replies to “Travel Cubes – How did I Survive Without…”

    1. Hi Mar, well depends. I roll my clothes and most haven’t wrinkled. I also travel (sometimes) with a portable steamer. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Yes! Love my travel cubes. Amazing how they work, my daughter says they’re magic! Here’s an example of how much they hold and I wear 12-14 size clothes. Just got back from 5 days in Cabo. 2 outfits a day (which included 3 pair of jeans,3 pair of pants, and 3 shorts) 6 swimsuits and cover-ups, 6 pair of sandals. And it all fit in my 24 inch suitcase with all my liquids and 2 pair of shoes and still had room for the items I bought there. Highly highly highly recommend the travel cubes.

    1. Michelle- thanks so much for the additional insight!! I honestly think I’m going to go ahead and get the ones you have. Mine are good , don’t get me wrong. But yours are sturdier, which I like :))). Thanks again for taking the time to provide the add’l info Xoxoxo

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