Tula: Let’s talk skincare (and 20% off)

Health/Beauty/Travel / Friday, September 20th, 2019

Hello everyone!  I know I’ve not posted in while.  That is mainly because I only want to post if I believe in or think you will enjoy the content.  I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed summer.

Now let’s talk skincare and 20% discount (code at end of this post).  I am always trying find the perfect products to use on my face.  I have sensitive skin so many of the skincare products out there are too harsh for me to use. After seeing two of my favorite influencers singing praises about Tula’s skincare, I thought, ok, I’ll give it a try. Plus, one of them had a 20% off code to use, so hey, I’m also about saving money 🙂 

Before spending a ton of money, I opted for the Discovery Kit which included 4 items I wanted to try, all in travel size. Face cleaner, (illuminating) face serum, day and night cream, and their eye cream.

I immediately saw results and loved the face cleanser.  The other 3 products I liked, but not enough to buy full size. 

The Purifying face cleanser is now a FAV of mine (and I’m not the only one, it’s now labeled cult favorite).  It’s is gentle yet melts away even most, if not all my eye make-up.   I now have it on auto-ship, every 3 months.  One tube will last you at least that long, if not longer.  It’s super concentrate and you don’t need much.

New packaging for the face cleanser

Another product I recently tried (long enough to tell you about it) is the Probiotic Skin Care Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer.  In other words, it is a primer.  It isn’t like most primers.  This one is buildable, meaning on a lazy day when you don’t want much or any make up, you can just use this after your moisturizer.  It’s that good.  And when you do wear it under make up, it helps it stay on all day.  I am telling you, I didn’t think I’d like it, and I am sold.  It too may be going on auto-ship soon.

You may be asking why auto-ship?  Auto-ship is 10% off and free shipping. PLUS then send a trial product to try out.  I love my samples and discounts, so win-win.

Okay, I could go on and on about what I like and don’t like about Tula products.  But that could take a while, so I will just tell you about 1 product I am not buying into the hype.  They have come out with a Glow & Get it Cooling & Glow stick.  I had high hopes, but, it wasn’t for me.  There is a new Rose version that has rosehips and Rosewater.  I may try it, but not today, lol.  I’m not saying the original won’t work for you, that is just my humble opinion.

NOW on to the really good stuff.  Tula has provided me with a 20% code for all you to use.   (Shipping is free on orders $30 or more.) So, don’t take my word for it, you can, if you wish, try it yourself.  Ps. the face cleanser can also be used by men, just saying.  Below is the 20% code (it should take you straight to the Tula page):


 I Hope ya’ll have blessed rest of the week.  Until next time.


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